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Posted on 2023-03-23

The set of keyboard shortcuts below will help you speed up your AI-Wordsmith workflow; explanations for each command are provided below the list.

NOTE: If you're using a Windows PC, use the CONTROL key or CTRL instead of COMMAND (Mac) as the starting point for the following instructions.

System Keyboard Shortcuts

Command + Z: Undo

Command + Shift + Z: Redo

Command + C: Copy Selection

Command + X: Cut Selection

Command + A: Select All

Command + V: Paste

Command + Shift + V: Paste Without Formatting

Command + F: Search Window

Styling Keyboard Shortcuts

Command + B: Boldface Styling

Command + U: Underline Styling

Command + K: Add/Remove Link

Command + I: Italics Styling

Explanations of each shortcut:


To undo the previous text created by AI-Wordsmith, press Command + Z.


To undo what you just undid, use Command + Shift + Z... In case you need to reverse your undo ;)

Select All

Use Command + A to highlight and select all information in a certain input area or document.


After you've highlighted some text, use Command + C to copy it to your clipboard.


If you'd rather cut and delete the highlighted text, use Command + X.


After copying or cutting a section of text, use Command + V to paste it wherever your active cursor is.

Paste Without Formatting

When moving text from one document to another, you may want to copy and paste that text without formatting... to do so, use the keyboard shortcut Command + Shift + V, and all formatting will be ignored when pasting that text.


When dialing in a document for SEO purposes, you may want to examine how many times a term is used or just find it throughout the content. Open a search function on your computer by pressing Command + F, and then enter in the term you wish to find in your Jasper document. Once you've done this, you'll be able to check how many times the term or phrase appears in a document and simply replace it if necessary.

Next, you could always highlight a section of text and utilize our styling toolbar, but some of these stylistic effects can be applied fast by utilizing these final few keyboard keys...

To apply Boldface Styling:

Highlight the relevant text selection and press Command + B, and it will become Bold.


Alternatively, use Command + I to make it italics.


Use Command + U to highlight that text.

Add/Remove Link:

Finally, to rapidly add a link to a chosen part of text, press Command + K, then paste the URL into the link input field and add it.

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