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General Questions

Words allow you to generate content for a content type:

blog posts or product descriptions (i.e. clicking the "Generate Text" button once).

The number of words charged depends on the content type. We have also made commonly used content types free for you.

With 99.99% original content that is free and clear for publication, Ai-Wordsmith creates unique content that doesn't repeat itself and passes plagiarism checks.

Unfortunately, we cannot issue a refund once you have subscribed to the premium plan because this could lead to potential misuse and abuse of our services.

Ai-Wordsmith supports all major credit cards and debit cards, Paypal and cryptocurrency. We secure your payment method with a 3D secure authentication for your privacy and protection.

Ai-Wordsmith can read and write in over 40 languages by translating using DeepL.

AI-Wordsmith's accuracy depends on various factors, including the quality of your input and the complexity of the task. However, it is designed to generate high-quality content that is accurate, coherent, and grammatically correct.

All credits from subscription plans will get reset after the next renewal date depending when they signed up for (after 30/31 days). All credits purchased as prepaid credits will carry over to next month and are valid until depleted.


We use a Monthly / Net-30 schedule, which means that you will receive your commission if there hasn't been a cancellation for 30 days (i.e., the user is still subscribed). This commission will have a minimum payout value of $25 and be paid out during the first week of each month by Paypal, Direct bank transfer (US & EU only), or cryptocurrency.

No caps exist here! According to a 20% recurring lifetime commission, if a customer enrolls in the $59 plan, you will receive $11.80 per month. You receive $590 each month when you have 100 users.

A 30-day grace period applies to the referral cookie. The conversion won't be recorded if a consumer buys a product more than 30 days after being sent to the website..

Here are some concepts: Publish a review of AI-Wordsmith on your blog. Share information about AI-Wordsmith on your social media pages. Make instructional AI-Wordsmith video tutorials. Share your affiliate link with your email list. Put AI-Wordsmith logos and banners on your website.

We give a dashboard where you can check how many clicks, leads, subscribers, and rewards you have received. When someone clicks on your referral link, they are sent to the website and a cookie is placed in their browser. When a user signs up for an account within 30 days of visiting your link (even if they don't pay for a subscription yet), this cookie will assign the registration to you, which is also referred to as a "referral" in your dashboard. Even if they use a different link, this user will still be associated with you. When a person does not sign up for an account within 30 days after clicking your link, or when they click another link before signing up for an account, the referral is given to the last link clicked. Once a user signs up, they have X days to subscribe and pay before you receive the 10% commission.

You cannot bid on branded keywords such as "ai-wordsmith" in paid search (including search engines, social media advertisements, and display ads), but you may target non-branded keywords. Do not use your affiliate link to promote yourself to receive a membership discount. Anybody found will be barred from participating in the affiliate program. If you're an agency referring clients, make sure to set up an account using their email address and domain.

Currently we can only payout to your wallet address in USDT Trc-20


Option 1: Purchase a prepaid plan to replenish your credits.

Option 2: Wait until your credits refresh at the start of your next paying month.

Prepaid plans are for topping up credits only. You need an active subscription to be able to use the prepaid plan

Unless you work with us for a custom model on the Enterprise Plan, all Ai-Wordsmith plans are monthly or annually. The minimum period for an enterprise model is one year.

Subscription plans are set on a monthly or yearly basis and it is refilled at the end of each month. While Prepaid plan is for topping up credits only.

If you're a solo entrepreneur, freelancer that’s just starting out or a personal blogger, then the Starter plan will likely be the best option. Standard plan is the most preferred choice for professionals who wish to compose long-form content. The Professional plan is best suited for companies with developed marketing channels, freelancers with a large SEO portfolio, in-house copywriters, and agencies.

If you write fewer than 25 articles or 75 product descriptions per month, or if you only have one client, the Standard Plan may be appropriate.

Your credit will be refreshed on the date you subscribed to the plan, or if that date falls on the last day of the month, on the last day of each month. For example, if you subscribed to the Starter plan on June 30th and used up 490 out of 500 credits by July 31st, your account will be reset to 500 credits on July 31st.

AI Image Art

AI-Wordsmith Art does not use credits. The number of images you can create depends on the subscription plan

Yes! Images created with Art can be used for blogs, websites, creative purposes, and more. Please note that you are responsible for the content you post, including its legality, reliability and appropriateness. Art encourages creativity, but please respect the copyrights of others when creating images. We encourage you to oppose copyright infringement. We ask that you do this when you use the art.

We've put together some tips and tricks to help you get quality results. As always, quality input leads to quality output. So what is high quality output? Check out the full list of #ProTips 👉 Here

Images created with AI-Wordsmith Art can be used for personal use and for commercial projects involving these images. There are no restrictions on the types of commercial projects you can use your images in. You are free to repost and sell your images digitally, on the web, on your website or any other website, on t-shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, or whatever you want. – As long as you follow our terms and some ground rules.

AI-Wordsmith AI allows essentially unlimited commercial use of images as long as you follow the rules and these terms. For More Legal Language, reproduce, prepare, publicly display, publicly perform, distribute, create derivative works based on these images in accordance with these Terms of Service and our Terms of Use.

AI-Wordsmith Art is open to the Internet community, so images can be published and remixed by default. You grant AI-Wordsmith Art and its customers permission to use the images that AI-Wordsmith Art creates with your input, just as AI-Wordsmith Art allows you to use those images. In other words, you grant us and our other users a perpetual, worldwide, We grant you a non-exclusive, royalty-free, royalty-free, irrevocable copyright license.

Our community is about sharing, and our platform works so that all content generated by AI-Wordsmith Art is free for anyone to use, as long as it follows these terms. Also, if one of your other users happens to use the exact same input and get the exact same or nearly the same results, that user, like you, will also use the resulting image for commercial purposes. can be used.

At AI-Wordsmith Art, all images are Creative Commons. You are free to use the images, but please understand that they may be used by others. We plan to revisit this and hope to have the option to own images created with Art in the future.

Our AI has a content filter. The purpose of the filter is to detect potentially sensitive or unsafe generated text. Learn more about content filters Here

Images are stored for a period of 30 days and afterwards, it is deleted from the database.

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