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Posted on 2023-03-23 Updated on 2023-04-01

Templates Step-By-Step Walkthrough

Let's go over how to use a template!

We'll take a look at the Facebook Ads template as an example.

You'll find fields for Company/Product name, Product Description, Audience, Creativity, Max Result Length, Number of Results, and Tone of Voice inside the Facebook Ads Template.

Consider these labels to be suggestions. Sure, you can type in a company or product name and it will function well, but you could also type in the name of a service, the title of a blog post you're advertising, or whatever "thing" you want to write about.

Describe what you want AI-Wordsmith to write about in the description. Often, one or two sentences will suffice, but if you want AI-Wordsmith to include specific details about your offer, add them so AI-Wordsmith can pull them into the result.

Let's utilize this template to discuss about AI-Wordsmith, for example.

In the left-hand input boxes, I'll enter the following information.

Company/Product Name: AI-Wordsmith

Audience: All

Product Description: AI create content for blogs, articles, websites, social media and more.

Creativity: High

Tone of voice: Professional

Number of Results: 1

Max Result Length(Words): 500

Hit Generate Text to have AI-Wordsmith write.

Whatever you put in will always have an effect on what you get out. Try inputting a few words or a brief sentence if you want AI-Wordsmith to be creative and create up a lot of stuff. If you want AI-Wordsmith to actually follow directions and incorporate crucial details, you'll need to fill up the input boxes with a lot more information.

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