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AI Image Art Commercial Use

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Posted on 2023-04-01

AI-Wordsmith Art can now be used for business reasons! Here are some crucial details:Please keep in mind: The landscape of AI picture generation is fresh and intriguing. It is also evolving quickly, including legally. These conditions and the licenses given to you are not final and will be updated from time to time.You are free to use the imag...

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How To Use Ai-Wordsmith Art

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Posted on 2023-03-29

Ai-Wordsmith Art lets you create beautiful, original AI images using Ai-Wordsmith's new Text-to-Image and Image-to-Image features. The art is in the sidebar of the app. Once selected, you will be given the option to create an image. Enter a new name for your image. This is optional and only for your reference.Enter the image description. You c...

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Tips & Tricks for AI-Wordsmith Art

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Posted on 2023-03-28

We can't put limits on what you can create with Ai-Wordsmith, but there are some inputs that we understand better than others. Here are some texture ideas and image descriptions to help you get quality results every time.Be specific when entering image descriptions.Use this tool as a little help to create better prompts in Art (saw some great ...

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