Posted on 2023-03-22 Updated on 2023-03-23

Workbooks serve as folders for organizing projects. You can make a new workbook for whatever you like. Many users create unique workbooks for each customer or distinct files for blog entries, advertisements, and so on.

Create a new workbook:

  1. Click on the Documents and select "Workbooks" in the left side nav of the dashboard
  2. Click the folder + icon at the top.
  3. Name the project
  4. Create

If you accidentally create content in the wrong workbook, you can always move it to another workbook.

  1. Navigate to Documents and choose all documents
  2. FInd the document you want to move and click on edit
  3. Click on "Select Workbook Name" and Select the workbook name you want to move to
  4. Click "Save"

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