AI-Wordsmith Command Ideas

Posted on 2023-03-23

What exactly is a command? 

An AI-Wordsmith command is a simple instruction that prompts AI-Wordsmith to reply and execute your demand.

Commands are made up of three key components.

  1. An action verb is used to activate AI-Wordsmith's reaction.
  2. A Structure is a predefined structure that AI-Wordsmith can replicate.
  3. A Direction - any additional information that may aid in producing high-quality results.

That is why outstanding commands are created in this manner:

Write (action) a blog post intro paragraph (a structure) discussing the advantages of organic veggies versus non-organic vegetables. (a direction).

Here are some more suggestions: 

  • Write a paragraph explaining why I should invest in vegetable growing.
  • Write a few words about how to begin gardening.
  • Make a list of the best garden crops for simple care.
  • Create a fictitious chat between Tommy the Carrot and Bob the Tomato about the importance of gardening.

But don't stop at the three basic components of a command. You can experiment with new methods of communicating using Ai-Wordsmith:


  • Create an outline for a blog article discussing the differences between surface irrigation and drip irrigation.
  • Answer the question, "How much water should I give a new plant?"
  • Connect the concepts that vegetable gardens are beneficial to your mental health.
  • Rep the preceding text in a sympathetic tone.
  • Summarize the preceding information in three bullet points.
  • Persuade my audience to buy my gardening lesson and add the CTA: join up today!

Other Ai-Wordsmith Commands To Try

Blog Ideas

  • Create four blog post titles that are related to [subject and keywords].
  • Create a content summary for [subject, title, and keywords].
  • Create an outline for my [subject] blog.
  • Make a list of section titles related to [subject].
  • Make a list of everything related to [subject]. (ex. Make a list of auto manufacturers).
  • Create an introduction for a blog post with the title [title] and the keywords [keywords].
  • Write a brief introduction to [section title].
  • Create a content paragraph about [subject].
  • Consider the preceding text.
  • Expand on and describe [particular topic/context] in greater detail, including [keywords].


  • Give a brief summary of the topics covered in this article based on the [outline title]
  • Complete a blog post about [OUTLINE_ITEM].
  • In three phrases, summarize the preceding information.


  • Give me some questions about [topic].
  • Make a collection of questions and responses regarding [subject].
  • Make a list of frequently asked questions regarding [blog post topic].
  • Respond to the question "[How much protein should I consume per day?]"


  • Create some ad headlines based on the product description provided above.
  • Create ad copy based on the product description provided above.
  • Create some wild marketing concepts for [subject].


  • Write some YouTube titles related to [subject].
  • Write an outline for a video titled [video title].
  • Write a video script intro for the video [video title].
  • Write a video script hook for the video [video title].
  • Write a video description for the video script shown above.

Social networking sites

  • Write a Twitter conversation on [subject].
  • Write a catchy Instagram caption for [subject].
  • Write an interesting Facebook post on the above-mentioned firm.

Content Rewriting/Improving

  • Rewrite the preceding paragraph to explain it to a 5th grader.
  • Run content Improver on the above content.
  • Rewrite the preceding paragraph to make it more readable.
  • Rewrite the preceding using more complex terminology.

Bio Writer

  • Write a mission statement for my aforementioned firm.
  • Write a tagline for the above-mentioned firm.
  • Write an elevator pitch for the above-mentioned firm.
  • Make a meta description for [subject].
  • Write a value proposition for the aforementioned firm.
  • Write some appealing bullet points for the preceding text.
  • Write a benefit for a feature that accomplishes [feature description].
  • Write a first-person consumer review of [product].
  • Using the bullet points above, write a paragraph summarizing [product name].


  • Outline a listicle for [subject].
  • Write a how-to manual on [subject].
  • List the benefits of [subject].
  • List the drawbacks of [subject].
  • Please provide me with a list of typical objections to [subject].
  • Please provide me with a list of synonyms and antonyms for the term [word].
  • Define the term [subject].
  • Describe [subject].
  • Investigate the issue of [XYC] and its impact on [ABC].
  • Join the concepts of [subject 1] and [topic 2].
  • Explain the significance of [subject].

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