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Posted on 2023-03-23

What AI-Wordsmith Is Aware Of

Before you can fully utilize AI-Wordsmith, you must first grasp how AI-Wordsmith thinks. Understanding how AI-Wordsmith thinks can help you get high-quality material and fix low-quality content.

The core AI model that enables AI-Wordsmith was trained by reading around 10% of the published internet in order to learn how people write. AI-Wordsmith has read millions of blog articles, Reddit discussions, webpages, newspapers, and other online publications. This provides AI-Wordsmith an incredible handle on mimicking human language and generating material that most people find extraordinary.

How To Build a Good Input

To achieve outstanding results using AI-Wordsmith, remember these guidelines whether you're using a template or a document.

  • Fill in the blanks with whatever you want AI-Wordsmith to include in his output.
  • Give AI-Wordsmith all of your pertinent information.
  • Write concisely and clearly. 
  • Bullet-point lists or brief phrases are excellent choices. Allow AI-Wordsmith to spice up the material.
  • If you don't like an output, avoid running it again.
  • AI-Wordsmith will not always be correct the first time. Change the words and sentence structure, reduce the character count, or increase it. 
  • Experiment with different Tone of Voice and see what improves AI-Wordsmith's outputs.

Template Input Examples


  • Are your outputs containing repeated content
  • Templates: Change the text in your description box.
  • Documents: Refresh your content short. 
  • Consider the content description box within a document to be the information you want AI-Wordsmith to utilize every time he composes text. 
  • Because the content description directs the material AI-Wordsmith writes each time you press create, if you do not update the content description box, AI-Wordsmith will tend to repeat that information. 
  • How can I get AI-Wordsmith to write in an active voice?
  • Make sure your opinion is delivered in an engaged tone of voice. AI-Wordsmith writes in a pattern-based manner, thus he will emulate yours.

Do you require further assistance? Please email us at [email protected] with your exact example so that we can point you in the proper direction.

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