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Posted on 2023-03-23 Updated on 2023-03-23

AI-Wordsmith is doing his best to write creatively for you, but he sometimes writes the same thing again and over. If this happens to you, don't worry! A few basic changes in the way you communicate with AI-Wordsmith can help him get back on track. Let's go through what you can do about it.

What should I do?

It's worth noting that AI-Wordsmith writes mostly from the inputs you provide. So changing your input, whether in the document editor or in a template, is the simplest approach to stop obtaining redundant text or even having your input returned verbatim.

AI-Wordsmith's charm is that he wants to be the one to spice up your work. In most circumstances, consider your opinion in terms of "how would I explain this topic to a friend?" That is how you should communicate with AI-Wordsmith.

Typical inputs include:

Inputs from AI-Wordsmith into Template:


Removes bacteria

Oxides and dirt

Wordsmith AI Command:

Discuss the advantages of using chlorine to clean your pool.


  • Keep in mind that the content description ( the content that appears in the sidebar) should be adjusted as the document is written. Ai-Wordsmith's default reading order will be the sidebar. Because the content description directs the material Ai-Wordsmith creates each time you press Generate, if you do not update the content description box, Ai-Wordsmith will tend to repeat that information.
    • Try summarizing it brief OR simply turning it off!
  • Feed Ai-Wordsmith some of your own sentences to offer him some new stuff, then press produce text.
  • Try highlighting and rewriting a different piece of the text, perhaps a smaller section.


  • Try simplifying and clarifying your description. A nice starting point? Write in how you would describe your template description to a friend or coworker.
  • Less is sometimes more. You are given 200-6000 characters, but in many instances, AI-Wordsmith only needs a little. He finds it simpler to optimize or develop with 1-3 phrases rather than 5-6.
  • To develop an excellent description of what you want to write about, try utilizing the product description template.

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